The handmadefactory.com created by a group of people with experience in the internet business since 2001. They have participated in setting up companies in various parts of the world (Greece, Europe, America, India). Their experience in the online trading starts in 2009.


In a world dominated by uniformity and massiveness, the uniqueness now emerges as a necessity. The expression through personal creation is one of the best ways to promote it. This need for uniqueness through creativity gave birth to the idea of ​​the marketplace handemadefactory.com which starts from action of Greece, the country of light, art and culture.
Visibility and promotion of contemporary crafts both in Greece and abroad are the guidelines of this website.


The domain name handemadefactory.com purchased in March 2015. The source of inspiration was the vision of a large digital factory promotes not cold standardization but the original creation and produces unique creations highlighting the talents of each individual.


Our aim is to become a reference point for Greek craftsmen working in Greece and want to belong to a great community that will promote their products both in Greece and abroad. So they have the opportunity to come into contact with a large group of buyers who are looking for original creation.
Additionally Joyful operating around the world have the opportunity to promote their products and show their talent, promoting their creations internationally.


In handmadefactory.com the craftsmans may:

- Sell their products by creating their own online store without big annual costs with their own terms of sale.
- Obtain another point of sale of their products to advertise their products internationally.
- Increase their clientele
- Be available to their advice and ways to promote their products and increase their sales.
- To procure materials
- Be informed about exhibitions and seminars concerning
- Be inspired by creativity and their colleagues success


In handmadefactory.com buyers have the opportunity to:

- Discover unique artifacts from Greece and around the world.
- Customize the products to where the craftsman performs custom orders.
- Make original handmade gifts to themselves and to their loved ones.
- Share their favorite products on social media by participating in contests with prizes.
- Experience the uniqueness of personal creation


Our team dreams of helping to create a more joyful and creative world that is colored daily with new touches of originality innovation and artistic expression.
Join our large group and bring out your creativity.