Terms and conditions of use

This website («www.handmadefactory.com») is the Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» which belongs to the Company SPYRIDON KOTTARAS Ltd, VAT: 999375479 Tax Office ΣΤ Athens and headquartered in 5 Strymonos str. 118 55 Athens.

The SPYRIDON KOTTARAS Ltd (hereinafter the Company) is active in brokerage / retail electronic commerce handmade jewelry, clothing or footwear and accessories, artistic creations, art, gifts, home furnishings, items for children, overall household utensils and ornaments, cosmetics and beauty products, and any related and similar to the above goods manufactured or designed any kind of material (metal, leather, cloth, etc.) Eventually and handmade food.

The following terms and conditions are the terms and conditions under which the Company provides Visitors, Users and Dealers its services through the online store «HANDMADEFACTORY».

Interested parties are invited to read the following terms and conditions and to make a visit, browse or transaction with the Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» only if they fully accept them.


The General Conditions of handmadefactory.com regulate the rights and obligations of Visitors and Users regarding the use of handmadefactory.com website (including other domain names - sub-domains) and the contractual relationship with the handmadefactory.com. The Visitor or the User accepts the General Conditions upon registration.

The User or the Seller in case he disagrees with any of the terms must inform the Company and not to make the navigation and / or use of handmadefactory.com services. Registering as a User or Seller, the navigation on the website and / or use of services handmadefactory.com considered as unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions

1.1 This is the Agreement concluded between you, the Visitor, User or Vendor (hereinafter "you", "you" or "Guest, User and Vendor") and the Company. The tour, access or use of this e-shop «www.handmadefactory.com» and the use of any facilities or services available through it implies your agreement to the terms and conditions set forth below (which in whole called "the Agreement").

1.2 These terms and conditions updated on 03/13/2017. The Company under the name «HANDMADEFACTORY» reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and without justification, as it deems necessary, informing the Visitors, Users and Sellers through the Site «HANDMADEFACTORY».

The Visitors, Users and Dealers must check every time any amendments to the terms of use and if they continue to browse / use of benefits or services available presumed amachitos that they accept the modified terms and grant the consent, consent, agreement and approval. Otherwise, they should refrain from visiting-use «HANDMADEFACTORY».


The following definitions apply to this Agreement:

I. «The Company» under the name «HANDMADEFACTORY» is among others a Trading Company, VAT.: 999375479, Tax office ΣΤ Athens, located in the Municipality of Athens, 5 Strymonos str.

II. "Online Store" "HANDMADEFACTORY" or "www.handmadefactory.com" is the website of the e-shop that keeps the Company above and includes "content", the "text", the "graphics", the "design" "the programming" and "services".

III. "Content" means all text, graphics, design and programming used in the above website.

IV. "Text" means all texts that are on the site, whether text pension, training or consulting or advertising.

V. "Graphics" means all logos, buttons and all other graphical elements of the website.

VI. "Planning" means the color combinations and the page layout of the site.

VII. "Programming" means the user code (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and the server code used on the website.

VIII. "Services" means all services provided through the website of the Online Store "HANDMADEFACTORY".

IX. "Visitor" means any natural or legal person who visits the "HANDMADEFACTORY 'website.

X. "User" means any natural or legal person visiting the Online Store of the Company and create an account on the website of the online store «HANDMADEFACTORY».

XI. "Seller" means any natural or legal person using the website of the e-shop of the Company in order to uphold and parallel to provide / sell their products to visitors / users and potential Consumers. Each Seller is both user and therefore Account holder.

XII. "Consumer" means any natural or legal person who visits the website "HANDMADEFACTORY 'and eventually make a purchase products through this.

XIII. "Account" means the registration of a Guest as User to this Site "www.handmadefactory.com". By registering at handmadefactory.com ie. the introduction of the requested personal data and acceptance of the General Conditions, the person acquires "Account". The registration and participation as simple account holder is free, personal, non-transferable and non-assignable. Each account holder shall bear the same responsibility and handmadefactory.com based solely on the statements of the same with respect to their personal data and its status as a legal or natural person, as an individual, as a supplier / company or trader. A prerequisite for the use of handmadefactory.com services either as a seller or as a buyer is to register and create account and unconditional acceptance of these General Terms

XIV. "Store" means the Online Store of the Seller which hosted the Online Store of the Company 'HANDMADEFACTORY ".

XV. "Product" is the object of the Seller which is available for sale through the "HANDMADEFACTORY". This been created with its own and exclusive responsibility of the seller. Posted on the electronic sub-page of the shop. Suspension is binding on the seller and the buyer accepts the conclusion of e-purchase agreement. In particular all the posts of the products are under the sole responsibility of the vendor itself which is responsible overall for the content published such as: a) for the proper and lawful description of the product, b) for the material and descriptions that accompany the product ( eg photos, statements about the properties of the product, promotional messages, any link to other websites - links, etc.), c) the specific context of market performance (eg delivery time, costs, expenses, payment method etc.). The handmadefactory.com no responsibility for the Seller offers.

XVI. "Shopping bucket" means all selected from the User market products. It allows to monitor, add and remove items, as he would in a regular store.


HANDMADEFACTORY poses website handmadefactory.com available to use as an electronic platform for the supply and acquisition "Products" from the users themselves.

3.1 Application terms and conditions: The use of services and Website «www.handmadefactory.com» in general, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Any new services in «HANDMADEFACTORY» will be subject to these terms unless explicitly stated otherwise.

3.2 Access to the website of the e-shop «HANDMADEFACTORY» and therefore participation in any service (eg Create Account Creation, Market Products, etc.) is allowed only to persons who have reached eighteen years ( 18) of age and have full legal capacity.

3.3 Each User expressly declares and guarantees that when using the «HANDMADEFACTORY» service will provide true, accurate, current and complete information about his person (natural or legal). He has not the same person as the required legal conditions as well as the necessary capacity to understand the terms and conditions contained herein. Agrees to maintain and thoroughly inform the data have been requested to keep it true, accurate, valid, current and complete. The Company is not responsible for any use of the services by users who do not meet the above.

3.4 The Company through the «HANDMADEFACTORY» enables Sellers, who can be either natural or legal persons, promote their products to the visitors and users of the online store, at a given price and for a specified time and / or quantity as defined the specific time and under the terms and conditions stated herein. In this market Users / Buyers Sellers on the one hand and on the other hand may conclude between their autonomous agreements on their own exclusive responsibility. The relevant purchase contracts concluded between members (Buyer and Seller) on the basis of tenders submitted by the Sellers post bind solely these parties. And the performance of the contract is the sole responsibility of the Seller and the Buyer. The handmadefactory.com no means not a contracting party to these conventions nor acquire rights or obligations that derive from them. The obligations and rights of members of the contracts awarded are not transferable and can not be ceded.

3.5 It is mandatory to create personal or corporate account to make any purchase from the «www.handmadefactory.com».
The Account Holder is obliged to keep absolutely secret and not disclose to third parties the personal password as the activation code of the given handmadefactory.com under the registration. In case of loss, theft or disclosure of such data to third parties must inform immediately the handmadefactory.com a message via the contact form. Otherwise he is responsible for any transaction, debt, liability, act or omission done with the user password until the time of the company's information point. In any case, the burden of proof always rests with the holder Account invoking any lack of identification and not the other party or the Company.

3.6 To use the Network Location «www.handmadefactory.com» and generally the services, you must have Internet connectivity and appropriate telecommunication links. The Company is not responsible for any telephone costs, telecommunications costs or other expenses that may arise.

3.7 For Buy / Sell in Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» may be necessary to use a debit, credit, prepaid by another card or bank account, the account paypall. In no case the Company is not liable to the legitimate owner of the debit, credit or other card or bank account or paypall account if it is not identical to the particular user or not is legally authorized to use that of the legitimate owner.

3.8 Safety Rules:

(A) Is the Visitors and Users to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website «www.handmadefactory.com», as illustrative, but not limited to: (i) to access data not intended for that specific Guest or user or to make a server connection (server) or account you are not entitled to access (ii) the making efforts to investigate or try the vulnerable in the system or network or to breach security measures or authentication measures without authorization, (iii) try to block the service in any natural and / or legal person, (iv) sending unsolicited e-mail, including advertising promotions and / or advertising of products or services (v) to forge any information. Violations of system or network security may possibly lead to civil or criminal liability.

(B) Violation of these Security Rules may result in civil or criminal prosecution. The Company will investigate occurrences that may relate to such violations and may involve, and cooperate with the police authorities to prosecute those associated with such violations.

3.9 Visitors and Users of the website «www.handmadefactory.com» will not incur charges for the use in accordance with these terms and conditions. Nevertheless, the «www.handmadefactory.com» website may provide links to third party websites, which operate under and owned by independent service providers. Third parties are likely to charge a fee for the use of certain content or services offered through their website. You must be carried out any research you think is necessary or appropriate before engaging in any transaction with any third party to determine if there will be a charge. When the «HANDMADEFACTORY» provides information on charges to the website, this information is provided only for the convenience and for informational purposes. The Company and thus the «HANDMADEFACTORY» in no way guarantees that this information is correct nor liable in any way for content or services provided by such third party websites.

3.10 The Account Holder is obliged to give true information on ratings. The reviews should be objective and should not contain personal attacks. The ad may not embed in an evaluation (eg introduction of a web address, etc.). undue interference prohibited by the staff or foreign evaluation profiles (eg using different usernames). For privacy reasons, the reference user's personal information is not allowed in an evaluation. Also submitting misleading evaluations not permitted or manipulation of the evaluation system to their own advantage. The handmadefactory.com may at any time and without notice, exceptionally intervene on standalone evaluation system and delete and / or correct ratings if aware that some of them are illegal.


4.1 No need to register to browse the online store «HANDMADEFACTORY». However, the creation account is required to have the ability to use the entire range of functionality of the Website «www.handmadefactory.com», to access the services available, and to make a product market and be you become "Seller" of "HANDMADEFACTORY". In this way you further the possibility to store personal information and shipping addresses that do not need to enter it on each order and to use the Shopping Cart. Furthermore, by creating personal account you can receive informative e-mails from the «HANDMADEFACTORY». The informational newsletters, (if issued), you can get a subscription to mailing lists (mailing lists), are the intellectual property of the Website «www.handmadefactory.com» and therefore protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law and International Conventions. If you wish you can always opt out of receiving informative newsletters with prior relevant information of «HANDMADEFACTORY» regarding that you desire.

4.2 If the Guest wishes to subscribe to the services of the Website «www.handmadefactory.com» agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the data requested by the «HANDMADEFACTORY» on requests for access contents / services and b) maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data to keep it true, accurate, valid, current and complete. The user name chosen must not be illegal eg vulgar, unethical, derogatory or indecent in any way or violate intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties. Additionally, the user name must not contain indications for e-mail addresses or Internet, personal contact / contact details of the user or impair any rights of third parties.

4.3 The Site «www.handmadefactory.com» provides Users members services, after accepting the terms of use of this website and complete the registration process their data. Once Visitor completes the registration process is set (plus User), you will receive confirmation of personal code (password) to access and use of the name (user name) that he will appoint. Users shall remain solely responsible for all acts performed under the personal password, user name, and generally their account (user account). Users agree to immediately notify the Site «www.handmadefactory.com» for any unauthorized use of their account and any action and / or a possible security breach. Also, members are responsible for the careful use of their account and formal exit from your account at the end of each year (Logout). This site is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the inability of the User to respect and follow this clause.

4.4 The Site «www.handmadefactory.com» reserves the right to close accounts if it is found that the User uses IP addresses mediator in order to attempt to conceal the use of more than one subscription accounts or if interrupts operation of the Website or service in any way.
It is prohibited to use mechanisms, software or other actions that impede the normal operation of the website. Account Holders are prohibited from actions that could lead to an unacceptable or excessive burden on the infrastructure of handmadefactory.com. Account holders are forbidden to hinder, replace or alter content that is created by the handmadefactory.com or in any way disturb the functioning of handmadefactory.com website.
No claim exists for registration, participation as a User, using handmadefactory.com website or services from handmadefactory.com. Specifically, handmadefactory.com may at any time refuse registration, exclude User or prohibit the use or discontinue some services especially in the event of any breach or non-compliance or denial of acceptance of these General Terms. No requirement exists with the creation account in handmadefactory.com. The handmadefactory.com may refuse any entry without explanation.


5.1 When you visit the pages and services of our e-shop Company «HANDMADEFACTORY» will be prompted to register the following sheet items, full name and surname, address, zip code of the current main residence and valid e-mail address (e-mail ). In case of company registration must indicate the name of the contact person, contact phone number and full name. In case of changes, the User is obliged under its own exclusive responsibility to immediately inform its elements, so it is always complete and accurate and current. It is likely to be prompted to specify additional information about you (eg date of birth, etc.) In order to activate related services (newsletters, competitions, forums, blogs, etc.) On your behalf.

5.2 The Company fully respects the personal data of Visitors and Users that are registered to it and ensure that  « HANDMADEFACTORY » is legitimate to the provisions of the 2472/1997 "Protection of individual processing of personal data and the Law .3471 / 2006 on "Protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications."
In any case, the Company confirms that any collection, processing and / or storage of your personal data in accordance with the law and only upon your own express special consent given to this, and only for the purposes and to the extent that required for the operation of e-shop « HANDMADEFACTORY » and the provision of individual services you have requested.

5.3 The Company confirms that it will not use your personal information for use not specifically authorized by you, nor send or disclose to third parties (natural or legal persons) not connected with « HANDMADEFACTORY » these you this information without your explicit and specific consent to do so, except in cases where such disclosure is necessary for the execution of your order (eg Partner Companies Mission) or be mandatory under the Law.

5.4 Also, when browsing and / or use of «HANDMADEFACTORY» services, the Company may collect information from your computer's operating system, your browser (browser) and the Internet provider (IP) address for the measurement traffic, the configuration ordering history and buying interest to improve its services or compliance with internal audit file.

5.5 «HANDMADEFACTORY» allows those who have registered, having given their personal details to access the file where kept their personal data collected and stored by the above and to make corrections, deletions, modifications, and data uploads and information that has been submitted to it.

5.6 Each Account Holder (User) agrees that www.handmadefactory.com will process and use the personal data for marketing activities related to the services provided by, for example, the e-mail sending with general information and / or promotional materials (newsletters - newsletters) and / or news from the Company's activities (such as contests, winners, promotions, etc.) and unconditionally consents to the aforementioned processing.

5.7 Also, the Account holder expressly consents that when performed a transaction, contact information (either as a Seller or a Buyer) which has specified upon registration is sent to the other member. Since the disclosure of the contact information of the other party on, the counterparty bears the same responsibility for the lawful use of such data, and the handmadefactory.com no responsibility for the acts or omissions in relation to these data nor related in any way (neither the controller nor the processor) to the States to which communicated the personal data of extraneous States under the purchase agreement. Also expressly prohibited the use of such data for marketing purposes or for direct contact with the other party for any purpose for which it has not expressly consented that person.
In any case complete works holders Account must comply with all the legal arrangements for the protection of personal data of their contractors coming to their attention and blame themselves for any wrongful act or omission; it must restore any possible loss of handmadefactory .com due or because of their illegal conduct.
If desired by the Account holder, the handmadefactory.com will resign (lift consent) from the use of personal data for such advertising and informational purposes. The Account holder may at any time to send a message via the contact form or regulate according to the member's account of the newsletter dispatch pause mode.

5.8 Www.handmadefactory.com right to exclude temporarily or permanently any user at any time and without giving any reasons, ie to cancel / delete / block access to and / or participation User temporarily and / or permanently) without raised claims against the handmadefactory. com. It is understood that the User is forbidden to register again the handmadefactory.com with the same or other elements unless handmadefactory.com expressly consented to this. To this end, the User consents to the handmadefactory.com maintain their personal details into their system in order to be able to identify any of the subsequent recording attempt. That is particularly (but not exclusively) for breaching the terms of use by the User who as a whole are identified and concluded by the User as essential, in case of request from any authority, the Court, in case of a complaint by a third party beneficiary rights against user etc.
Caution: Do not use the personal information of Users (Sellers or Buyers) from third parties for other purposes beyond the commission purchase and sale within the handmadefactory.com and in accordance with these Terms.


6.1 The cookies are small files stored on your computer and retain the settings and options you have on our site. Used to retain your settings (select country, species have seen etc) and for our better understanding as to how to use our website. We note that cookies do not cause damage to the computer of the User, Consumer or guest nor the files kept on them

6.2 As the majority of Internet sites so the « HANDMADEFACTORY » has the ability to use cookies to provide the respective User, Customer or Visitor information and better services (orders, personal settings, etc.) as well as efficient and faster processing of orders.

6.3 For safe browsing Online Store « HANDMADEFACTORY » and for the security of your transactions with this, our Company, being fully harmonized with the European Directive 2009/136 / EC concerning the processing of personal data and the protection privacy in the electronic communications sector, which was incorporated into Greek Law with N.4070 / 2012 (A'82 / 10.4.2012) "electronic communications Settings, Transport, Public Works and other provisions". It states that a prerequisite for the use of cookies is the prior consent of the User or Guest. Exception to this rule are cookies serving operational needs of the site and is essential for the appearance and the effective operation of the User's computer, Consumer or Guest (functional cookies). By accepting these terms of use shall be presumed consent and the use of cookies as described above.


7.1 In creating store can make any natural or legal person over eighteen (18) years of age wishing to market / sell his goods at creating his own shop at Electronic Shop Company « HANDMADEFACTORY » (Shop in Shop).

7.2 The products offered for sale must be handmade or processed but never manufactured. The materials used for the creation of products delivered through «HANDMADEFACTORY» must be of excellent quality so the durability of these products. Seller may not sell certain products falling into the following categories: jewelry, clothing or footwear and accessories, works of art, artwork, gifts, household items, articles for children, overall household utensils and ornaments, cosmetics and beauty products, as well as related and similar to the above goods manufactured or designed any kind of material (metal, leather, cloth, etc.). Additionally it allows offering some traditional recipes of food items such as honey, jams, nougat and other.
Seller may only offer products, which have the same power to dispose, that has the right and is able to transfer to the Buyer the possession and ownership, full, and free weights and legal defects on the basis of properties and other elements that have been agreed with the tender.
The Seller is obliged to give true and legitimate information about the offered product and to fully inform the payment and delivery details. All known defects of the product and / or packaging must be reported. This is particularly used for products damaged in the package
The handmadefactory.com has the right to prohibit the offer of specific products and product groups at any time at its discretion, without notice and without obligation to state reasons. To ban list appears complete, current indicative overview of banned products. The handmadefactory.com take every possible measure to ensure that this list is updated on the basis of existing legislation. In any case, this list is indicative and not exclusive, and the Sellers are required to adhere to the actual legislation about products prohibited for sale for any reason whatsoever (including but due to defects due to misleading properties, for lack denominated property for violating third party rights, because of an express prohibition placing on Greek territory and / or via the internet, etc.). Each author is responsible for compliance with current legislation and bears the same responsibility that the law attributes to the product supplier where and when this force and apply.

It is expressly forbidden to be offered for sale through the «HANDMADEFACTORY» (without limitation) the following:

Addresses of any kind, lists of any kind
Stocks, bonds and existing registered businesses, bonds
Offers related to gambling and other games, offers that promise to make money
Vouchers, coupons, vouchers
Identities and service licenses
Patents and trademarks and plagiarized copies, pirate recordings etc.
Tools and software decoding / decryption
domain names (domainname) windows and advertising (banner)
Downloads / Internet Links
Drugs and medical products
Drugs and other psychoactive substances
Explosive products, radioactive substances and other chemicals harmful to human health
Telecommunications, mainly radio installations opposing the telecommunications legislation
War and military equipment
Weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc. of any kind
tobacco products
live animals

Not allow the simultaneous registration of a product from the same vendor in different categories. The handmadefactory.com reserves the right to delete the respective bids without notice

7.3 Each Seller is entitled to its own estimates cost of handmade or manufactured goods as he considers. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» has nothing to do with this costing.
Each seller is responsible for calculating the costs of packaging and shipping of products, which includes the selling price. It should be noted here that the sales charge for "HANDMADEFACTORY" is calculated as the sum of the selling price plus the transport costs.

7.4 « HANDMADEFACTORY » after obtaining the movements of the sales of each Seller at the end of each month or quarter to send him Invoice or Proof of Service Retail. The percentage fee on sales made depending on the package that each Seller has chosen to join.
Each Seller is obliged within 15 days to proceed to deposit the above amount to the bank account will be indicated.
In any case, the claim of handmadefactory.com, regarding the successful sale fees lapse entitled to receive such fees and if for any reason (technical or otherwise) the amount not attributed to handmadefactory.com, on this basis, the claim falls due within 15 days of receipt of the invoice (if you are a professional) or informative debit note (if you are an individual). E. None placing the product before the end of the promotion.
Not allowing the seller to sell the product in secret during the registration to the platform or to grant rights on it to third parties or to conclude a purchase agreement with a person other than the purchaser.
If the Product return for any reason the sales charges are not refundable.
If the Seller fails to pay his debt handmadefactory.com within 15 days of receipt of the invoice or retail receipt, the automatic blocking of the account is activated, which does not allow the entry of new products on the platform until the day of payment of the amount due. 30 days later the account of this Seller becomes inactive.

7.5 The online store creation process in the Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» initially require the registration of potentially Seller as User. Followed by an application to the «HANDMADEFACTORY» to which the Seller and package in which he wishes to join. After control of the Vendor data is sent to this e-mail is accepted.
The sellers packages listed on page Become a Seller.

7.6 « HANDMADEFACTORY » may disrupt the operation of a store when it does not comply under the terms defined herein without the obligation to repay the amount paid for the opening and operation thereof. Blocking the Vendor participation particularly applies where there is evidence or when the Company becomes aware or becomes aware of any violation of the General Conditions by a member. The handmadefactory.com has the right depending on the seriousness of the misconduct:
a) reprimand a member when there are indications that the member has violated the General Conditions,
b) to remove part of posted tenders or evaluations or statements or descriptions or any of the content,
c) to delete all the bids or evaluations or statements or descriptions or other content,
d) to exclude it from membership (permanently or temporarily). Blocking and erasure can be made at any time, the Seller has no claim against handmadefactory.com for this reason.

7.7 Also, www.handmadefactory.com has the rights under Article 8.6 above when there are indications that this Vendor has breached its contractual obligations to another owner. Indications are considered including the specific allegations made in the handmadefactory.com by other Users.

7.8 Www.handmadefactory.com has the rights under Article 8.7 above, and when there are indications that rights are affected by any third party any illegal behavior (act or omission) of this Seller. In each case the third parties who wish to make any disclosure in the Company at any Seller should take every care to ensure that notification is a time sufficient and cover particular product offered for sale by a particular Seller. In any case, will those elements that differentiate the genuine product from imitations any) must be provided to the Company at least those elements that will be possible to document the disclosure (eg in case of counterfeit products and to avoid unexplained, unsubstantiated and abusive disclosures. If there is any damage to the company due to the actions made as a result of third party notification, that person assumes responsibility for covering that damage and any of the Company's expenditure.

7.9 All this is understood to be applicable in the event of a mandate, a complaint or a request by a competent authority or by a court. Among others deemed noted the illegal activity of the Visitor / User due to the existence of indications and at the possible use of automated means (such as any fraud detection tools used by the Company).

7.10 Www.handmadefactory.com always act in good faith and in the context of what is stipulated by law and the terms of use. The question Seller may not claim compensation for any damage of the above even if evidence underlying the handmadefactory.com was incorrect and recognizes that handmadefactory.com not able nor obliged to check the correctness of such indications. Especially the respective Seller acknowledges and agrees that computerized tools used by the handmadefactory.com finding any illegal activities of members based on general standardized / automated commands of a software program which may include and / or make mistakes.

7.11 « HANDMADEFACTORY » to better serve Buyer, and for the promotion of Sellers products may organize shows (and / or «Bazaar») sale of products of Artists in natural sites at regular or irregular intervals offering in this way a complete shopping experience to potential buyers, and the opportunity to see and test the products of the Seller in person. Since the «HANDMADEFACTORY» participates as third - Ombudsman in the promotion process of Sellers products enables Sellers to set prices themselves freely handmade or manufactured products they sell without the consent of «HANDMADEFACTORY». In any case, in selling on organized by the «HANDMADEFACTORY» products reports should at last the time the report have been posted on the online stores of Sellers at «HANDMADEFACTORY», and with the same values ​​as those sold in the forthcoming report . And in case of sale of the Seller products in physical space, the «HANDMADEFACTORY» commission rates remain the same as those listed in section 5.3 of this, and will return to them in the usual manner and time and subject to the usual procedures the «HANDMADEFACTORY». In this case the participation in the respective Report is voluntary and not mandatory for Sellers.

7.12 The Sellers are themselves responsible for their compliance with the applicable provisions of Greek tax laws and related (KVS, ITC, KFAS etc.). Noted the possibility that the activity of the sale of movable property and / or services from private parties may be considered by the tax authorities as a commercial activity, if, during exercise system activity and profit motive acquisition and for this reason it is recommended to users / our members consult the competent authorities and / or any tax expert consultants. In any case handmadefactory.com no responsibility for compliance with the tax laws of its members. however, it required if it requested by a competent authority to provide any information that is legally required and provided in connection with transactions of members of the online without prior notification platform or consent of the data subject as expressly specified by the relevant provisions of the ITC.

7.13 Texts and images that someone Seller publish in handmadefactory.com website in any way or form (deals, reviews, events in the operation "questions and answers", etc.) or displayed on the website handmadefactory.com otherwise, should not be They include any form of advertising for products that the Seller does not already offered in handmadefactory.com.
The offers and content (including images) published in handmadefactory.com site must not contain URL links or web addresses. Texts and images a User publish in handmadefactory.com website in any way or form (bid evaluation within the tool "questions and answers", etc.) are not allowed to target contract except handmadefactory.com or intended directly or indirectly in this. Excluding the existence of written authorization from HANDMADEFACTORY.

7.14 Www.handmadefactory.com has the right at any time to delete individual bids, quotations and texts and images from the website without notice and without giving any reason. The same applies to deals entered an incorrect market category, for obviously non-serious quotations and texts and pictures that can affect third party rights. For the corresponding deletions can not run any kind of claims against handmadefactory.com.
The handmadefactory.com further reserves the right at any time and without prior notification and justification rename, split, join, cancel or reintroduces offers classes and correspondingly carries current offers in another category or delete them.

7.15 Termination Seller status is possible at any time to cancel the participation by sending a message through the form if the following conditions are fulfilled:
• The Vendor statement is balanced, ie there is no outstanding balance at handmadefactory.com (overdue or not).
• The seller does not offer currently no product via handmadefactory.com.
• The Seller accepts that any balance of assistance from the package chosen not refundable.
The customer service of handmadefactory.com confirms by e-mail canceling participation and closing the store. The seller nevertheless remains User.
Also the General Terms survive after any termination of the status of the Seller as regards those provisions concerning the privacy, statements of Users when they register, their bids, protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, pricing and completion of transactions, the legal nature of the company and the prohibited products.

7.16 Www.handmadefactory.com right to exclude temporarily or permanently someone Seller at any time without giving any reasons, ie to cancel / delete / block access to and / or participation User temporarily and / or permanently) without raised claims against the handmadefactory. com. It is understood that the Seller shall be prohibited Seller of handmadefactory.com again with the same or other elements unless handmadefactory.com expressly consented to this. To this end, the member consents in handmadefactory.com maintain their personal details into their system in order to be able to identify any of the subsequent recording attempt. That is particularly (but not exclusively) for breaching the terms of use by the Seller who on the whole are identified and concluded by the Seller as essential, in case of request from any authority, the Court, in case of a complaint by a third party beneficiary rights against State etc.
Any Seller debts to the Company for such publication Charges successful sales and marketing fees become immediately due and payable.


8.1 The products offered for sale through our e-shop «HANDMADEFACTORY», are not products of our company but handmade products contracted with our company salesmen, who wish to present their products through the Site «www.handmadefactory .com »(Shop in Shop), and therefore will not be liable for them.
8.2 The products offered for sale must be handmade or processed but never manufactured. The materials used for the creation of products delivered through «HANDMADEFACTORY» must be of excellent quality so the durability of these products. The seller can sell particular hand or processed products falling into the following categories: jewelry, clothing or footwear and accessories, works of art, artwork, gifts, household items, articles for children, overall household utensils and decorative , cosmetic and beauty products as well as related and similar to the above goods manufactured or designed any kind of material (metal, leather, cloth, etc.). Furthermore permitted the disposal of certain types of food, traditional foods such as honey, jams, nougat.
8.3 All products offered for sale through the «HANDMADEFACTORY» not a crime, and in fact most are accompanied by a guarantee and authenticity card. Otherwise the «HANDMADEFACTORY» no responsibility since the products delivered via the Site «www.Handmadefactory.com» not owned by the Company. The Company ensures that the disposal of products to the general public is not contrary to morality and not offend public decency. Concealed understandings between Sellers - Buyers to draw up a sales contract without the mediation of «HANDMADEFACTORY» expressly prohibited. If training product sales contract following such a secret agreement exempts «HANDMADEFACTORY» from any liability and entitles the complaint.
8.4 Each Seller is responsible to inform users / consumers about the availability of products available for sale with a reference under the product description. If you want to order and buy products tailored to the needs and your tastes, which is mounted to the author's store, you can proceed in this order, by sending internal e-mail in the respective Seller. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» can have access to these internal messages, as described in this paragraph. In case of agreement, the Creator will be posted again the product and to show it as a "new product" to enable the commission of the purchasing process from the system.
8.5 The prices shown in the lists next to each product include VAT (24%). These values ​​relate to products and quantities are available. Any adjustment of the prices of products offered for sale by the Seller, must be at briefing at the Users / Consumers. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» can not to change the products for sale price, without prejudice to this Article and the s Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of this.


9.1 The product placing an order constitutes a binding offer for the purchase of the product in the total price displayed when placing the order, as this includes VAT, packaging and shipping costs, other applicable charges and any discounts which you are entitled as a Consumer .

9.2 To make the product order through «HANDMADEFACTORY», initially enter the access data in the login page in your account or create a new account if you are a new user. Then, select the products you want and add them to your shopping cart. On the screen, the total cost of your order will appear on the payment method you will be prompted to complete your purchase.

9.3 Before you finish ordering the product obliged as informed about the materials from which are manufactured the products you want to buy as the Company assumes no responsibility in case of allergic reactions, dermatologic diseases and general reactions that may arise from products .

9.4 The order is completed with the acceptance of the «HANDMADEFACTORY» by sending relevant written confirmation (confirmation e-mail) to you at the email address (e-mail) you indicated when submitting this order.

9.5 Exceptionally and only if reporting organization or Bazaar since «HANDMADEFACTORY» can be natural (non-electronic) sales - orders, for which the relevant document issued by the company, and which will apply mutatis mutandis terms hereof.

9.6 Between Buyer and Seller entered into a binding electronic purchase agreement, which is governed by the provisions on the sale of AK and the provisions applicable to the conclusion of distance contracts and e-commerce in which case apply. The parties Buyer and Seller are responsible for the observance of the agreed between them and for the observance of laws provisions.
The Company has no responsibility for this and do not contribute or participate in any way in the purchase agreement.

a. Content of contract
The Seller is obliged to transfer to the Buyer against payment of the price, the distribution and the free weights ownership of the product. Not allowed relevant disclaimer.
The selling price should always include the corresponding VAT
The description of the Product is part of the contract, ie the seller guarantees that the product has the properties which are described under the specific provisions of these General Terms and law provisions.
Seller shall be liable for actual faults, that is what it has described, which reduce the value or significantly impede the use of the article.

b. Execution of contract
Both parties are required to implement fully, properly and on time their obligations under the sales contract.
The performance of the contract is a matter solely between the Parties.
If a product has a defect that is not mentioned in the description and which considerably reduces or cancels the value or the suitability of the product in its intended use, then the Buyer must inform within 14 days after delivery of the product seller to require restoration with the Seller costs. The same applies when the product does not have any property, which was designated in the product description.
If the Seller does not take any action after being notified of the defect, or if the restore does not bring the desired results then the Buyer may exercise its rights under the Civil Code the relevant provisions on the sale.


10.1 The payment of each order is carried out in the following ways.
a. By using a credit, debit or prepaid card of any Bank through Protocol SSL Security Technology (Security Certificate & SSL Technology).
b. Through paypall.
c. Via bank deposit directly to the Seller's account.
d. Cash on delivery.

10.2 The respective Bank is responsible for the security of transactions made through the card that has been granted to use and that you own. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» can not vouch for the security of your transactions because the risk lies in each bank that issued the card you used for your transaction. Security of importing environmental data in which you'll be taken by the market making, should ensure that each bank that issued the credit card. « HANDMADEFACTORY » not withhold personal information and data during the transactions proceed. However, if proven to have been fraudulent use of credit / debit / prepaid card, your charge may be canceled upon your request the bank that issued your credit card, which is required to investigate the complaint or your complaint. For this reason, you are obliged soon realize that it happened this fact to take in information the issuing bank to cancel this and to exclude use by unauthorized persons.

10.3 In the event of promotion and sale of creative products in physical space as paragraphs 5.8 and 10.5 of this report, the payment may be effected in cash.


11.1 For sending accountable product is the respective Seller. Delivery time is usually less than 10 days from the date of confirmation of your order with the sole exception of those listed in paragraph 12.3 hereof.

11.2 Missions will take place daily, except Sundays and holidays. Always know the shipping costs before the final charge of your order.

11.3 The product delivery time is subject to a reservation by the availability of the product ordered to the Seller's store warehouses and force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.), which in any case will be notified by email (e-mail) or telephone call to indicate whether you want under these conditions to complete your order.

11.4 The signature of the relevant receipt form and show ID is required to receive the parcel.


12.1 If the item you received the Buyer does not complete the conditions and wants to return it, you may contact the Seller through the store by pressing the button "Contact". In the shop of specifying the conditions for refund. There unjustified right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of goods. Should the item not be used and returned to the state it was sent. No refund used items, objects in question or hygiene articles which have created an individual order basis. In case of return, the Buyer shall bear the shipping costs. The handmadefactory.com have no liability for any non-refundable in the event object refund or replacement thereof. The responsibility is solely Seller, featuring the shop.
 In any case, desire «HANDMADEFACTORY» are Buyers / Consumers remain happy throughout the life of the site.

12.2 The overall policy to cancel your order and return the product defined by each Seller and not by « HANDMADEFACTORY ». « HANDMADEFACTORY » liable only for the observance of due process of Sale product. In any case, under paragraph 10 of Article 4 of Law 2251/1994, as it stands today, the permitted returns for a period not to exceed 14 calendar days of checkout


13.1 The Company serves no active role in the sale and purchase of products and therefore no control and can not guarantee the quality, safety and legality of products offered for sale on «HANDMADEFACTORY» or also the destination of their use or any factual and / or legal defects them, nor the authenticity of purchase proposals made by each Seller, or also the capacity and / or legalization of Users and Visitors to market.

13.2 In the event of product distribution that is proceeds of crime, should cause an allergic or general dermatological or other reaction by the use of a cosmetic or other product or end in the event of any dispute arise, consumers, users and the visitors make harmless and exempt the Company from any and liability of any kind, weight, loss, claim, expense, expenses, including legal and / or costs incurred and / and / or connected or associated directly or indirectly with the products and / or the successful outcome and the outcome of the mission of «HANDMADEFACTORY» namely the promotion of the Vendor product and mediation between the Buyer and Seller to draw up the sales contract.

13.3 In addition, each Consumer, User or Guest shall be exempt, render harmless and releases the Company from any claim and / or claim compensation for damage which may displayed for any reason, by third parties which may result from violation of even one of the terms and / or conditions contained herein, the imposed legal obligations or their rights and any claim or claims arising from alleged copying, alteration or imitation products. Moreover the «HANDMADEFACTORY» in case of disputes between the User / Consumer for any reason, no liable.

13.4 The Company has no responsibility to cover third party claims, of whatever nature, which may arise in connection with the use, copying, or falsifying the Site «www.handmadefactory.com» or its contents or any other related website by unauthorized third persons by the Company, whether the Company has been advised, knew or should have known this possibility.

13.5 If the Seller, after the conclusion of the sale, entry into receivership or winding-up or administration proceedings resulting in the inability of delivery of the product, the «HANDMADEFACTORY» no obligation against that Consumer.

13.6 No guarantee is provided for the continuous and uninterrupted access to the Site «www.handmadefactory.com» and its services as possible obstruct, even partially, by accident and / or force majeure. Therefore no liability exists for temporary cessation of some of the service and / or inability to access the «HANDMADEFACTORY» and for any direct or indirect damages, costs and expenses that may arise from any failure, malfunction or delay in the operation of the service, which will resulting from the causes mentioned above.

13.7 is not guaranteed and «HANDMADEFACTORY» bears no responsibility if the ordered products do not reach the consumer following such order in perfect condition and if not fit the description he had given the Creator for them. But the Company is obliged to pay any effort to complete the orders in the best possible way.


14.1 Except for the products and services that are intellectual and industrial property of the Seller, third parties and affiliates and therefore bear responsibility for it, the remaining content of the Website «www.handmadefactory.com» are the intellectual property of the Company and bears exclusive of this responsibility.

14.2 Any intellectual property right (including all rights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, designs, images, photographs as well, including the look and feel, and other visual or non-literal elements either registered or unregistered) the Website «www.Handmadefactory.com», the information content on the Website or accessed as part of the service, any database operated by us and all design, text and graphics of the website, the software, photographs, music, sound, and the selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software (including applets «applets» and scripts) are owned by the Company (or in the ownership of licensors thereof). You may not obtain any title to the intellectual property rights or attempt such action. By all rights reserved.

14.3 may not be reproduced, redistributed, copied, distributed, republished, downloaded, appearance, post or transmit in any manner or by any means any element of the material listed in «HANDMADEFACTORY» nor may sale, rent or sublicense, to use to create derivative works or exploited in any manner without the prior written permission of the Company. If copying a design, image, product, idea or else a Creator or third party either within the Network www.handmadefactory.com Site or outside the «HANDMADEFACTORY» assumes no responsibility. If republished content that appears on the Website of «HANDMADEFACTORY» ( «Re-posting Content») to another website and without indicating the source (ie the «HANDMADEFACTORY»), the «HANDMADEFACTORY» assumes no responsibility as therefore subject to the risks that are left to the Internet.

14.4 However, you may retrieve and display the content of the Website on a computer screen, store such content in electronic form on disk (but not on any server or other storage device connected to a network) or print one copy of such content for your own personal, non-commercial use, provided you keep intact all and any copyright and proprietary. Not otherwise reproduce, modify, copy or distribute or use for commercial purposes any of the elements of the material or content on the Website without our permission.

14.5 Any intellectual and industrial property, and all rights (including goodwill and, where applicable, trade marks) in the name and distinctive «HANDMADEFACTORY» title belongs to the Company (or its licensors).

14.6 All other product and company names mentioned on the Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The title, ownership and intellectual property rights to the content accessed through the service manual belonging to the respective content owner or the Creator, and may be protected by applicable copyright or other law.

14.7 Any material transmitted or posted or submitted to the Website «www.handmadefactory.com» is considered (and «HANDMADEFACTORY» the treats as) non-confidential and shared in accordance with the obligations of the Company under the data protection legislation.

14.8 All comments, suggestions, ideas, constituting notes, drawings, images, photographs, concepts or other information: (i) disclosed or offered to «HANDMADEFACTORY» by you or (ii) answer invitations by the Company on a service or website in general (in each case referred to above are called "Ideas") will be considered to be property and will remain the property of the Company, and hereby assign by current and future assignments all intellectual property thereon to the Company.

14.9 Texts and images that someone Account holder handmadefactory.com publish on its website in any way or form (deals, reviews, events in the operation "questions and answers", etc.) or displayed on handmadefactory.com site for other reasons, should affect the intellectual property of others. Account holders can use and publish pictures and texts on the website handmadefactory.com which have created themselves or to use the holder has agreed. This also applies to texts and images published on other websites. In each case the Account holder bears the same responsibility for the content of tenders and not by the Company.

14.10 Texts and images that someone Account holder handmadefactory.com publish on its website in any way or form (deals, reviews, events in the operation "questions and answers", etc.) or displayed on the website handmadefactory.com otherwise, should not affect third parties as indicative of their personality, honor, reputation, their personal data, etc., and not include obscene, libelous, troublesome, offensive to a person's honor, defamatory, disparaging, damaging the person's reputation etc.


15.1 In Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» can be hung any type advertising and sponsors messages.

15.2 « HANDMADEFACTORY » enables Sellers at a charge, to be advertised internally, ie through our e-shop. The remuneration fee may be adjusted freely, without warning.

15.3 You are free to select or click on advertised goods and services as judge right.

15.4 The Company is not responsible for communicating the Visitor, User or Vendor with third party services advertised on « HANDMADEFACTORY » and for any commercial transaction may arise from the relationship between them.

15.5 The Company shall not examine and does not address the legality or not of promotional material displayed in «www.handmadefactory.com» website (apart from the obvious cases of infringement legal rights that would be perceived by the average citizen wise) and as thus it may be attributed to any form of responsibility. This responsibility lies with advertisers, sponsors or originators of the alleged advertising material.

15.6 In this context, any complaint about the advertising material content on «HANDMADEFACTORY» will be transmitted to the stakeholders, as the Company assumes no responsibility.

Support Services: The «HANDMADEFACTORY» may offer Creators photography services, copywriting and corporate identity planning at extra charge. The remuneration fee may be adjusted freely, without warning.


16.1 Where the Website contains links to third party sites and resources provided by third parties (the "Other Sites"), these Other sites linked only for the purpose of providing information and for your convenience.

16.2 The Company does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of other web sites and pages referred media "links», hyperlinks or advertising banners. So for any problem occur during the visit / use should be obtained from the respective web sites and pages that are integral bear the responsibility for the provision of their services. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» in no way be deemed to embrace or accept the contents or services of web sites and pages referred to or linked in any other way.

16.3 The Company does not exercise any control over Other Sites neither accepts nor assumes responsibility for Other Sites or the content or products or services Other sites (including, without limitation, on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter , Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) and accepts no liability for any loss or damage can occur due to the use of you. If you decide to access third party web sites linked to the web site, entirely at your own risk.


17.1 To Blog, often known by the name «Blog», is a form Site. It consists of a list of entries and subjects may vary (political, social, health, music, sports, technology, arts, etc.). Each visitor / user has the opportunity to actively participate in this listing the views, comments or posting anything on the subject that grows every time.

17.2 The content and information posted and included in «Blog» of «HANDMADEFACTORY» constitute an offer to the visitor / user and the general community of Internet users and shall not in any circumstances be considered as valid information and / or tips or conceal in any way any prompt or not in specific acts.

17.3 « HANDMADEFACTORY » undertakes the collection of the «Blog» content processing and distribution. Any post on « Blog » of «  HANDMADEFACTORY » made upon approval by the administrators of this «Blog» to ensure proper presentation and quality of the posts content. In order to post a User must first be sent via e-mail post content that wants to do, to accompanied with a photo or image if desired. The «HANDMADEFACTORY» may approve or refuse the suspension the applicant wishes to do. The Visitors / Users «Blog» retaining Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY», using the services on their own initiative, assume the responsibility.

17.4 The Creator every shop that "hosts" the "HANDMADEFACTORY" has the ability to make posts regarding his condition, his thoughts, his products, shop and generally have the ability to display what he wishes ( Status). The «HANDMADEFACTORY» has absolutely no responsibility for the content which they post and / or publish the authors in their personal Shops. Those who visit these personal pages bear the corresponding responsibility.

17.5 If the « HANDMADEFACTORY» received notification that the content in one / any of the personal pages of shops "hosts" affect third parties and / or infringes the personal third party data is illegal, immoral or affect the public decency, maintains the right to proceed immediately and without notice to delete the relevant page and / or the Creator that made his suspension and / or publication. The same right is in the above cases and in relation to the existence and operation of Blog maintained (see. Delete User Account). This clause applies to texts, photographs, images, audio files, video files, and any other content that users can post / publish their personal pages of Branches and to Blog respectively.

17.6 « HANDMADEFACTORY » actively participates in Social Media (Social Media), having created their own page to them (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+). The Visitor / User to access the pages reserves the «HANDMADEFACTORY» in these Social Media, should have been or can create their own account to them, giving his consent to their respective Terms of use thereof. The participation in these social media it raises any claim against «HANDMADEFACTORY» and no liability is not the Company carries on the existence and content of these pages.


18.1 The Company and the Online Store «HANDMADEFACTORY» reserves the right to modify or update in writing the terms and conditions and General Terms and Conditions without notice, which will have effect from the date of the hanger « HANDMADEFACTORY ». Failure to exercise any right of the Company may not be interpreted as a waiver of that.

18.2 Navigation, use and your transaction with «HANDMADEFACTORY» governed by Greek law, the law of the EU and the relevant international treaties. Any dispute arising during navigation, use and trade to the «HANDMADEFACTORY» introduced for judgment to the competent courts of Athens in Greece.

18.4 When Visitors, Users or third parties raise claims against handmadefactory.com for violation of their rights due to a published offer from a Seller or because of its content or in use of handmadefactory.com website by a user, that user exempts handmadefactory.com from all claims and bear the costs of legal defense of handmadefactory.com and of his staff (including costs and attorneys' fees).

18.5 To www.handmadefactory.com reserves the right to transfer individual or all rights and obligations of the General Conditions to a third party or authorize a third party to such exercise. Especially may instruct a lawyer of their choice to communicate with vendors in the name and on behalf of for any collection of overdue debts to the Company. Membership and all rights and obligations existing or former member against handmadefactory.com can not be transferred from the State, nor be transferred

18.6 Any of the above conditions become illegal ceases to have effect and removed from the present, without in any way affect the validity of the remaining terms.

18.7 All disputes between handmadefactory.com and a Visitor or (existing or former) User of the General Conditions subject to Greek law. Jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.