Lucky charms

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Lucky Charms

Attracting fortune is a habit of people of all time.
They used and still use multiple ways to attract it.
Charm means good omen, the "magical" object that can bring luck.
At the threshold of every new year, for example, people want to attract good fortune by buying and offering "charms". For the primitive man, the world was full of life. Everything had a natural and lively power, invisible to the human eye.
Natural "charms" were made from materials like greens and stones.
"Fylachto" is called an object mainly with unusual shape or color, which contains various materials, such as incense, beads, flowers, stones, minerals etc.
"Charm" is an object made in order to attract the luck or good outcome of a particular case.
Especially the days of Christmas and New Year are full of "lucky charms".People buy those in order to attract good fortune. Some of the "charms" that have prevailed to be regarded as exacerbating evil and attracting good luck are pomegranate, onion, the horseshoe, the precious and semi-precious stones and the four-leaf clover.

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